Cd stuck in mac external drive

One of the least used methods for ejecting an optical disc is via the Terminal app.

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If you have multiple optical drives, an available configuration for the older cheese grater Mac Pro, you can use Terminal to eject one or the other, or both. You can also use Terminal to specify an internal or external optical drive as the target for the eject command. The other advantage of Terminal is that unlike some of the other eject options for getting a stuck disc ejected, Terminal does not require you to shutdown and restart your Mac.

4 ways to eject a CD/DVD in an emergency

Slot loading optical drives have a unique problem that can occur, a failed ejection may leave your Mac thinking that there is no optical disc within the drive, causing the most commonly used eject commands not to be available. In most cases when you choose to eject a disc in a slot loading optical drive, your Mac first checks to see if the drive actually has a disc inserted.

If it thinks there is no disc present, it will not perform the eject command. If this happens to you, you can use this nifty trick involving the Boot Manager to easily force optical media to be ejected. Our last tip for ejecting stuck media in an optical drive is also very useful as a standard way to insert and eject discs.

This includes multiple internal or external drives. And because the command is always available from the menu bar, you can always access this command, no matter how many windows and apps are cluttering up your desktop….

10 Ways To Eject a Stuck CD or DVD from MacBook SuperDrive

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How to eject a CD stuck in an iMac superdrive with a small card

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SOLVED: CD stuck in Apple Super Drive - Apple Optical Drive - iFixit

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Cd stuck in mac external drive

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