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Hi there. In the web space I'm a front end all rounder but I have a particular specialization in theme creation, no matter the platform.

I also love finding the latest most efficient, user focused design and dev techniques of the day. In game development I'm addicted to playing with every different engine, toolset and framework I can find. In digital art I love everything from painting to vector work to pixel art to 3D modelling. In short, if it's creative and you can make it digitally, I love it.

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Capturador de pantalla con grabación de vídeo

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It is a win-win for the long-term development of not only our players, but our coaches, as well. D Ejido we firmly believe in using video analysis as a tool to optimize efficiency, making players conscious about what really happens during the game. Working with GKs specifically, its super useful in reviewing positioning, movement, and decision making. During a game, things happen in split seconds and LongoMatch gives me the ability to break down those split seconds into teachable moments.

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My players have improved twice as much with the introduction of video analysis via LongoMatch. Truly and invaluable tool for coaches. This tool saves us a lot of time because its practical and easy to work with, especially when using Tag2Win. As an ambassador, I like to talk about the software on my speeches.

Seriously-instant screen captures.

I'll highlight its simplicity and easy functioning, also its power. It allows us to create videos to show our players and staff.

LongoMatch, in fact, has been present in all the last achievements of the Handball National team, which permited analyze better the rival teams, as well as improve our performance. Combining LongoMatch with coach creativity and other tools allows our players to get many more possibilities to optimize their efficiency with our help.

I love the fact that it enables me to work either on a Mac or on a Windows interface. If I had to chose one of its features as my favourite I would highlight the Presentations tool for all the possibilities it allows, even serving as a database.

Start analysing your games today

Complete our online certification courses and learn how to boost your team's performance with the help of video analysis. To start analysing your games with LongoMatch you need to use an analysis dashboard, please select the one that best fits your sport. Remember to import it later in the dashboard manager on the home screen of LongoMatch.

Not available for this device. If you're looking to make Whiteboard style animated video, or scribe videos, then check out VideoScribe. Quick and easy, VideoScribe allows you to be creative in telling your story in this engaging style. Videos are proven to increase conversions, from social media, websites and emails.

There are more visual learners than any other learning style - are you speaking their language? Open the door to a visual and captivating educational toolkit, helping your students to learn through video. Explain complex concepts easily and bring subject matter to life. VideoScribe engages audiences for longer, so attention is maintained. People recall more information correctly from watching a whiteboard animation compared to other media, so knowledge is retained.