Control mac from iphone over internet

You can open websites using Siri or control audio and display via AirPlay. With Remote for Mac, Siri also works for apps actions like launching and quitting apps , system actions restart, sleep, display off, etc. This makes it easy to integrate your Mac into your smart home environment using the powerful new Siri Shortcuts feature.

Here are three quick and easy alternatives to Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

The built-in remote control pads make Mac-based media players feel native on the iPhone. Plus, you can create custom control pads for any app or web service. The straightforward, clear interfaces make the most of iPhone or iPad touchscreens, with a satisfyingly simple, elegant sense of design. Even the on-screen mouse and keyboard prove surprisingly intuitive, feeling like an extension of the Mac. The possible uses for this kind of software are essentially endless. When Back to My Mac is set up, you have several options for connecting to your remote Mac—opening programs and files directly on it, copying files to and from it, and controlling it remotely from the command line.

While the performance of this service depends on the speed of your broadband connection, you can use this to work as if you were sitting in front of your Mac. To enable Screen Sharing, go to the Sharing system preferences, enable the Screen Sharing service, and ensure that your user account is allowed access. By default only administrators are given access, but you can add specific users to the list or select the option to allow all users.

Screen Sharing supports additional options such as synchronized clipboards and drag-and-drop support for file sharing. With these, you can drag files from the Finder in your current Mac to the screen sharing window to copy them to the remote computer.

Top 3 Ways to Control PowerPoint from iPhone

You can similarly copy files from your remote Mac. Then you can paste it by pressing Command-V. Since OS X supports multiple user accounts, you may connect to your remote Mac when another user is logged on. In these instances, Screen Sharing supports multiple sharing sessions. In this scenario you are given the choice to either log into your account behind the scenes or view what the current user is seeing with his or her permission. Note that for either approach, anyone sitting at your computer will see an indication in the status menus that you are logged on.

Finally, while Screen Sharing can be set up for your personal Macs, this service is not limited to your own computers and can be used to connect to any others on a local network with Screen Sharing enabled. Yosemite now allows you to do this between two people with iCloud accounts.

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When chatting with a friend or colleague using Messages, you can click the Details button at the top of the conversation, where you will see options for communicating with your contact. For decades, the fix for this involves an ever-changing mix of remote-access software that can pierce network complexities, allowing you to remotely control or observe a computer. More modern flavors can pass along audio inputs and output, transfer files, and allow remote peripheral access. In this round-up of remote-access software, I look at products that have the right mix of features and price to consider for personal, non-commercial use and for small business. With LogMeIn Pro, remote access can be installed on one or two computers. But an unlimited number of different users can access those computers.

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The subscription also includes 1TB of shared storage. Both the desktop server software and the client software have interfaces that seem out of date. But the core functionality works effectively, providing remote screen and file access, and several security options. With a focus on just providing solid remote-access tools, Splashtop is far less expensive than its closest competitors, which include features that many users may not need.

TeamViewer is very generous where personal use is concerned. TeamViewer allows unlimited use of the full version of its software for non-commercial purposes. A Remote Control tab shows computers in your account set, and you can select one and use it in a variety of ways, including for presentations and video calls. The iOS client is a little thin compared to the desktop versions, but offers solid access to necessary features, including an easy swap among multiple monitors on a remote desktop.

Mac Remote Access - Use your IPhone or IPad to access remote desktop connection for mac

Each of the apps reviewed here met the following criteria. OS support. File transfers. Includes the ability to perform file transfers. Although Dropbox and other sync servers remove the strict need for file transfer, it remains a core useful part of remotely accessing a computer.

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User management features. The reviewed apps allow for unattended remote access of computers in a set or the same account. Many of these products can also ask for or be granted permission to other computers. Also, these apps let you group available computers into an account for easy access by browsing, and they can let you invite others outside of an account group for remote viewing or remote control.