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MacBook Pro, OS I have a user who has admin rights on the computer, that couldn't get on the wireless system.

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I found that her time was off by about 12 days. We tried changing the time in System Preferences, couldn't change the time there. Logged her out and I logged in as an admin user and was able to change the time in System Preferences. I saved the settings and restarted the computer. Logged in again as her and the time still read the same date 12 days off in the menu bar at the top of her screen.

Still couldn't access the wireless because of the time difference, system time out. Went the system preferences and again tried to change it under her log in, no luck.

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Can't figure this one out. Can't update her system OS with out wiping the the drive. Don't really want to do that. Any ideas for a solution? The computer was set to use a Apple's time server. I unchecked that option in the time preferences and set the time manually.

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Hit the return key before finishing previous post. Setting the time manually also did not work for the other user, only when I was logged in.

Hope this helps. Checked the time a few minutes later and it was keeping correct time, so I re-bound it to the domain.

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Check Time Zone preferences

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