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I also love the ability to add notes within the document. These notes are hidden from view post-it notes, and are not printable. An additional feature that comes along with this free script writing software is the ability to track changes within the document. Any new changes made by you or your writing partners are denoted by a different color. When it comes time to print, these changes will have an asterisk after the word. Should you upgrade to Celtx Pro? Screenwriting-wise you get the added benefit of reverting to previous drafts.

This is nice if you have spent too much time in your story and getting a bit of tunnel-vision. You can simply revert back to that last draft.

And maybe also give yourself some space from the script to return with fresh eyes, eh? In addition to this cool feature, you also get a bunch of other benefits such as storyboard tools, shot lists, scene breakdowns for various film departments, and budgets. This is a cloud-based screenwriting program, equipped with screenplay templates, offering a clean workflow.

Mobile versions for iOS and Android are also available. The software keeps track of character names and scene descriptions. However, the workflow was a bit foreign to me. But for whatever reason working in the script mode, I had to think a split second longer than usual. And I really need that split second. Another thing that took me a bit of time to process was the trashcan icon. Not the case with Fade In. In terms of importing other file formats, for the Fade In free version, you must login to Dropbox to import pre-existing material.

If I neglected to import one of my drafts into Fade In it may slow me down in the writing process. Not a bother for most, but having to login into Dropbox feels like a ball and chain for me. Otherwise, the free software is great. Should you upgrade to Fade In? With pro, you are able to print your pages without the Fade In watermark, which definitely boosts up your professional reputation. With the pro version, all future updates are included unlike some other screenwriting software programs.

Like Celtx, Writerduet is an online script writing software, meaning you write your screenplay within your browser. There is no software to install and the program runs for both Mac and PC. In-depth: The free version offers a clean screen with a scene navigation bar on the left hand side of the browser. To get started, create a new document and start typing.

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I found the shortcut keys rather limiting. As a disclaimer — I often write on my iPad with a keyboard. Anyway, Writerduet presents you with the crisp white page from the get-go, albeit with a somewhat thick sidebar. Does the clean page scare you? Moving on…. There is an easy-to-read menu at the top of the page in which you can create scene headings, action, characters, lines of dialogue, etc.

While Writerduet manages fine for writers who work on their own, the real draw is for collaborations. To invite your writing partner to create magic along with you, simply email them an invite from your project page. Once they accept the invite, they will join you and can make script updates, chat, add notes, and more on any page within the shared document.

Some of the real standouts, however is the opportunity to speak your script into the microphone. Writerduet is a great free solution for writing partners. Another thing I keep hearing about Writerduet is that the support system is absolutely stellar, encouraging of feedback that can be implemented into new versions.


Curious how Writerduet works for writing teams? Should you upgrade to Writerduet Pro? What the heck does that mean? Pretty cool! If you enjoy working offline, then it may be worth upgrading to pro. With pro, you can work offline and then save your work when you find an Internet connection later. You can also backup your script to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and your computer. There are a ton of software options out there that can help you automate the formatting process. Trelby is a free, open-source screenwriting software platform that is super simple to use.

8 Free Screenwriting Software Choices For Writers

It automatically forces the correct industry standard formatting, so you can jump in and start writing. Trelby also intelligently alternates between sluglines, action and dialogue. Finally, it can also generate watermarked PDFs.

Currently, Trelby is only available for Windows and Linux. Instead, Celtx is a cloud-based pre-production suite. It enables users to collaboratively work on story development, storyboarding, scheduling and more. Celtx offers different packages which include different tools and features, but these all come at a price. Page 2 Stage is a screenwriting tool that started life as a commercial product. Currently, however, the software is completely free to use. Like the others on this list, Page 2 Stage supports common script formats for film, television and stage.

In addition, it offers a unique feature which analyzes your script to generate a report on the flow of dialogue and scenes. However, it tries to offer as much of the same advanced utility as Final Draft.

In some ways, you could argue that Celtx is ahead of Final Draft. The reason for this claim is that Celtx contains tools that not only help with the actual screenwriting process, but it includes tools for pre-production support as well. By combining scriptwriting functionality with pre-production tools that are filled with media content, the software suite hopes to provide users with a fully comprehensive screenwriting experience. The software also includes collaboration features that help you give and receive feedback online.

If you're working on a script with a partner on the other side of the country, Celtx gives you the ability to share your progress online and even make edits directly in the online environment. While Celtx is obviously a superior option for scriptwriting over Microsoft Word or other text editors, it really shouldn't be directly compared to benchmark apps in the category like Final Draft.

There are some interesting features that are unique to Celtx, but that can't stand up to the powerful organizational and editing tools found in Final Draft. Of course, Final Draft is prohibitively expensive, and Celtx is completely free. That alone is a highly appealing feature for writers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Part 2: Free Screenwriting Software for Windows

With Celtx, you'll receive automatic help when it comes to formatting, analyzing, and editing your script. Playwrights could also take advantage of the software for a streamlined creative experience, but the software will require slight adaptation to make that work. It's already ideally suited for screenwriters. One downside to the software is the online collaboration function.

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While this sounds like an excellent idea, the software doesn't provide any instruction for how to take advantage of those tools.