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Choose the best tool to help you focus on telling your story. You may simply find a better tool to help you release your creative side, or you may find the motivation needed to finally make the big switch from PC to Mac. Word for Mac is now available.

10 Free MS Word Alternatives You Can Use Today

For the rest of us, below are some free word processors for Mac that will get the job done for writers:. WPS Writer supports multiple languages in addition to English, including French, Portuguese, Polish, German, and Russian and its mobile apps boast registered users of more than million.

However, exported files will include a watermark, and printing is only available to paid subscribers. LibreOffice Writer supports for over languages. If you prefer to get a head start, LibreOffice offers a variety of great built-in templates to choose from. Another pick of free word processors for Mac users is AbiWord. You can edit and save in multiple formats including encoded and rich text, Open document, text files and more.

Spellchecker is included, and there are easy to install plugins. There is an option to hide menus for writers looking for distraction-free writing sessions. Google Docs is free and cloud-based, so it works well on any system.

How to Open Word Documents on an Apple Computer |

Google Docs saves your changes as you type and you can even look at revision history and see who made changes to your document. As a writer, the biggest draw to Google Docs is the ability to work collaboratively in real-time with someone else, perhaps a co-author, contributor, or even an editor.

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You can install a Chrome app that lets you open, edit, and save MS Word files. Personally, I could never get past the panic of not knowing for sure that my changes were saved. But if you can be comfortable with never having to save a document again, or if you have a need to work collaboratively in real-time, then Google Docs may be a good fit.

Similar versions are available for Mac computers and Windows computers. Information in this article applies to Microsoft Word as part of an Office for Mac subscription and Word in the one-time-purchase of Microsoft Office for Mac.

10 Totally Free Microsoft Word Alternatives For Writers

While the Mac version of Microsoft Word is similar to the Windows version, there are a few differences. Word for Mac is available either as a monthly subscription or as a one-time software purchase. There are minor differences between the two versions of Word for Mac. Even though they were released in the same month, the new Word icon is only available in the subscription version, while the one-time-purchase software retains the Metro design interface. Although the one-time-purchase software receives security updates from Microsoft, it does not receive new feature updates, which are included in the subscription package.

The subscription model of Word in Office can be installed on multiple computers, tablets, and phones. The one-time-purchase version can be used only on one computer. Microsoft Word for Mac is available in the Mac App Store, both as a stand-alone app and as part of the Office bundle, but both options require an Office subscription. The easiest way to install Word on a Mac is to download it from the App Store. You can also sign in to your Microsoft account online and order an Office subscription there.

The Mac OS comes with a word processor called Pages , which has a WYSIWYG interface, includes features to embed pictures and create charts, and can handle invoices for small offices, term papers for students, and other standard uses for a word processor.

2. Apache OpenOffice Writer

Pages is a free application on the Mac and is part of iCloud. The cloud-based Pages gives you access on any Mac via the web.

Pages is also a free download for the iPad and iPhone. Pages an excellent Word substitute for students, home use, and small offices. Pages includes collaboration features and can export to a Word file format. However, exchanging documents with people who use Microsoft Word is awkward. Pages isn't equipped for advanced features such as mail merges and master documents. If you work for a company that uses Word as its word processing platform, you need to use Microsoft Word.

If you work in a small business, are a student, or need a word processor for home use, check out Pages before investing in Microsoft Word.