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History On November 17th, , co-op first-person shooter survival horror game Left 4 Dead , developed and published by Valve, was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Left 4 Dead Uploaded by James. Left 4 Dead Uploaded by badassgrunt.


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Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Gabenus Trollucus. Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Philipp. Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Artichoke. Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Pillzguy. Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Johnny.

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Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Pippeli. Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Sir Soundwave. Left 4 Dead Uploaded by Lurko. Top Comments Delete.

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Left 4 Dead 2 starts us with a more action-based intro that outright announces its cheesy action movie roots. Someone go help poor Ellis in this intro. Most of humanity in the country had contracted the virus, turning them into the zombie-like Infected. Those immune to the virus are known as Survivors.

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These four distinctly different personalities formed a ragtag group to fight through the hordes of the Infected as they look for a safe location free of zombies until the apocalypse blows over. The group makes its way to New Orleans, Louisiana to seek protection with the military. But with the Infection throwing the whole country into chaos, they must travel from Georgia and use whatever transportation vehicles they can find to get to Louisiana.

Left 4 Dead 2 works like your standard first-person shooter with the main draw being co-op gameplay. But the experiences you go through will be unique and dynamic, thanks to The Director script. Through this system, every one of your enemy spawns will vary by crowd size, location and enemy variety in every playthrough. The goal of each map is to travel with your team and reach the safe room at the end.

And the best way to accomplish this is to work together with your teammates to defend them and take down Infected hordes. This means that they are unable to move from their spot until a teammate brings them back on their feet. Until then, they can only fight against the Infected using pistols.

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While incapacitated, you will lose health over time. And if your health bar reaches zero before someone rescues you, you die.

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Left 4 Dead 2 allows you to carry a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. The primary weapons usually consist of SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, and machine guns. But in this game, you have a greater selection with these new additions: magnum pistols and a shit ton of melee weapons. Yeah, melee weapons. Well, now they do. For one thing, while you can use a program like Wine to run games on Linux, it's an extra step that I'm not interested in taking, and games can take a performance hit as well.

Also, in the past I've had some trouble with WiFi on my Linux machines, and the hassle was irritating. I know they've gotten much better in recent years. In any case, now that Steam and a bunch of top-notch Valve games are making their way to Ubuntu, I guess I'll be dual-booting once again. Valve continues to push the cross-platform envelope. The decision to release Steam and Valve titles to Mac was a brilliant one, even if most gamers are still on PCs.

Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay (mac)

Getting in on the Linux market will be good for gamers, certainly for Linux, and one imagines for Valve in the long run.