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Yellow Bike has 3 bike rental stores. Yellow Bike also offers guided tours for fair prices. The "Small City Bike" tour, for instance, takes two hours and explores the most beautiful attractions of the city. Black Bikes has 10 stores throughout the city. The exceptional feature of Black Bikes is the classic black style of the bikes.

Their construction form is over years old — so why change anything?

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The large number of bike rental stations and the long opening hours make Black Bikes our favorite — and you will not immediately be identified as a tourist with the black bikes ;-. Another advantage is that you can pick up and return the Black Bikes on each bike rental station — unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Some rental services require you to bring your bike back to where you got it — not very practical! With such a high traffic volume, smaller collisions do sometimes happen. That does not mean you should be scared.

Bike Rental

With the well constructed cycling paths, accidents only happen rarely. Finally, we would like to recommend you the great Instagram of Amsterdam Cycle Chic.

The account is fully packed with the most fashionable cycling pics from Amsterdam — so much inspiration! Do you have questions or tips for other travelers? Or do you want to tell us something else? Alias and email address are enough. Home - Info - Cycling and Bike Rental.

Renting a Bike in Amsterdam

Tipp - Book a guided bike tour Through our partner Get Your Guide you can book many different, guided bike tours at fair prices. Map - Bicycle rental stations in Amsterdam - Press to activate. Tip Usually, the most simple model with back pedal break is sufficient. Mac Bike. Yellow Bike. Black Bikes.

Ride Like a Local - Bike Rental in Amsterdam

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal SJ Amsterdam. Mo - Fr. On a dutch bike the most important thing is to look awesome. Our Highlights We take you to the most beautiful places in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam bike ride central station to Dam Square

Read More. Hire a bike in Amsterdam to make the most of the city. Luckily, Amsterdam has you covered with its impressive selection of bike hire shops and locations.

Renting a Bike in Amsterdam

The company strive to justify their slightly higher asking price by offering more choice to customers. Many hotels and hostels offer discounted bike rentals for guests, so make sure you have a chat with your hosts before renting. And keep in mind that Amsterdam is an accessible destination, so a number of bike hire companies also offer bicycles, tricycles, tandems and other frames for special needs users.

Cycling in Amsterdam is a fun and unforgettable experience. For this reason, you should follow any advice given to you by your chosen bike hire company.

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