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One generally starts a Java WebStart application by clicking on a link in a web browser. Depending on configuration, desktop shortcuts may be installed to speed up subsequent launches, and cached applications can also be launched from within the WebStart control panel. For example, the full path to the 1. In older versions of the JDK, this was also the default behavior for the command if no arguments were given. This wins points for generality, but will also bring the web browser back into the picture.

The open command hands the URL to the default web browser, which will then invoke WebStart as a helper app, just as if you had clicked on a link to the jnlp file. SO is less overbearing, but edits there seem by-fiat and based on personal taste. Sorry, the intention wasn't to overbear, I tried hard to keep the essence of the question whilst making uppermost the key points etc..

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You make very good points about Apple's document — I'll request an improvement. This worked for more applets I have tried. In the start I just tried one.

HOWTO start a JNLP file (Java Webstart RIA)

The most important citrix still has an issue that might be because of the update, but I think that is unrelated. Thanks again. Eric Espino Eric Espino 1.

Rene Larsen Rene Larsen 5, 20 20 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges. This is removed in ML It is removed when upgrading to I am fairly sure other versions of This was apparent the moment the upgrade was complete. Lost me access to citrix until I can get them to allow reciever access. No, the OS X You are right.

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I don't know what I was thinking, i'm sorry about that. It must have been something I ate.

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Type the command below and press return. Proceed to Step 6 and Step 7.

Java Web Start

Step 3: You should allow both security cerficate prompts and GeoMapApp will start. The Java Control Panael should have opened. A new window should appear. Marine Geoscience Data System Search.

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