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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. The Mac Pro is part of a series of computers that are designed to function as both workstations and servers.

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The module has a set capacity of space that is usually expressed in gigabytes. Each module works together to contribute to the overall storage space of the inexpensive Mac Pro RAM you buy. You can choose RAM products based on how many modules they include, the capacity of each module, or how much overall RAM you need for your Mac Pro system. These specifications are one way that you can gauge the practical speed of your RAM. Some of the most common boosts your system may experience are when you're:.

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VAT 12 Mo. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Make an Offer. How do you choose your RAM's bus speed? Burst mode - This feature allows the RAM to release in a sequence and read those bits together.

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The RAM only needs to read the first part of the data because it can anticipate the rest. Pipelining - This method helps the RAM organize bits of data. What are some benefits of adding more RAM?

2013 Mac Pro 64GB RAM Upgrade

Some of the most common boosts your system may experience are when you're: Running programs - Most programs need a minimum amount of memory to run efficiently. Adding more RAM could give you access to more programs at the same time.

Mac Pro Memory RAM

Gaming - Many games rely on memory to load all of their features. More memory can make some games run smoothly or decrease loading times. Content provided for informational purposes only. Shop by Category. Bus Speed see all. Your Mac Pro Late has four upgradeable memory slots. Make sure that the memory you plan to use is compatible with your computer. DIMMs that are not properly installed or do not meet the system requirements may effect system performance or not be recognized. To avoid generating static, don't move around the room until you finish installing the memory and slide the enclosure back onto the computer.

Before upgrading the memory, you may need to remove some or all of the DIMMs.

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Refer to the table below to determine how your Mac Pro is configured and to determine which DIMMs you need to remove and replace to maintain a recommended memory configuration. See the numbered steps following the table to locate specific DIMM slots. To be sure that you correctly installed the memory and that it's recognized by the Mac Pro, follow these steps. Before upgrading memory Make sure that the memory you plan to use is compatible with your computer. Removing and installing memory. If the computer is warm to the touch, wait approximately minutes for the computer to cool down.

Touch the metal enclosure on the outside of the Mac Pro to discharge any static electricity. Unplug all the cables and the power cord from your Mac Pro. Do not attempt to install memory while it's plugged in. Slide the enclosure latch to the right to unlock the enclosure. Lift the enclosure straight up and off of the computer.

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  4. Carefully set it aside. If available, use canned air to blow dust and other contaminants out of the DIMM slot.