Mac wont help me because im asian

They're not huge--just noticeable. Huawei's laptop screen, by comparison, stretches almost border to border. While we're nitpicking, I might as well get the biggest flaw of the MacBook Pro out of the way now: the keyboard, which uses Apple's "butterfly mechanism.

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It certainly looks cool--the keyboard looks almost flushed with the trackpad--but it does not make for a better typing experience. I'm a touch typer, so the lack of travel really threw me off initially.

Look at how flat the keyboard is compared to the entire bottom part of the laptop. There is very little key travel. My score on Typingtest. Apple claims this change was made to improve keyboard stability, but I've never heard anyone complain about Apple keyboards pre-butterfly. I have a MacBook Air at home, and I still like that keyboard better. The butterfly keyboards won't be a dealbreaker for most. Let's get to the real reason the new MacBook Pro exists: the 8th-gen Intel silicon bump.

My demo unit is an i7 clocked at 4. There's a base model with an i5 and a more premium i9 model that's only available on the incher. And with the new processors paired with Apple's T2 chipset, these laptops are blazing fast. Not once during my testing period did I see the dreaded "spinning ball" that now dominates my MacBook Air. Even when pushed to do intensive tasks, such as outputting 4k videos, my unit never got warm nor made the loud fan noises that I'd get from Huawei's MateBook X Pro.

It's worth mentioning that the top tier i9 model did suffer from throttling problems during the first week of launch, as first noticed by tech YouTuber Dave Lee , but Apple has since fixed it with a software update. This type of quick response is commendable.

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Also new to this year's laptop is TrueTone display and Siri support. The former is Apple's smart tech carried over from the iPad Pro and iPhone X that automatically adjusts display temperature to better suit the lighting in the environment. While useful, I turned it off because I prefer accurate colors when examining photos and editing videos. The final Apple-specific feature is the Touch Bar, a digital touchscreen strip that replaces the F-keys on keyboards.

The strip is context sensitive and will display relevant action buttons depending on what I have opened. These include fluffy things, such as a quick emoji shortcut button during typing, and actually useful things such as full-on video controls, including a scrubber.

I love being able to fast forward or rewind video clips by swiping on the Touch Bar. In the recently released Mission Impossible movie, Tom Cruise is tasked to stop a terrorist group who lives by the mantra "there cannot be peace without first, a great suffering. I look at the "dongle hell" situation of the MacBook Pros as something alongside that train of thought.

This means most users need to plug in an additional accessory a. I can't even use my wireless mouse with the laptop because I don't currently own a dongle, but unlike most reviewers, I'm not annoyed by it. I see it as a necessary sacrifice. USB-C is the all-in-one cable that the tech industry has been pushing for for three years. But due to manufacturers wanting to play it safe and cater to the masses, adaptation of it is still slow.

Apple is showing that wearables are a huge market moving forward, and Apple is the only one getting it right so far. The hardware business is very hard. When negotiating an acquisition 3x revenue is usually the baseline. This is telling about the state of Fitbit. Consider the soul-sucking term ARPU. And its media subscription services are all good deals. Music and News have fair prices, and both of those require Apple to pay the content providers.

To me, every one of these feels exactly in line with putting the customer experience first. Compare and contrast with the high prices and bullshit tack-on fees from your cable and cell phone providers. That miserly 5 GB free tier is emitting an evermore pungent nickel-and-diming aroma. Nothing surprising overall. Wearables are now bigger than iPad and will soon be bigger than the Mac.

The best charts for visualizing these results, as usual, are at Six Colors. For me, it was seamless.

Checklist for Reformatting Your Mac

The fourth step is so super obvious that, rather than direct your attention to the button where you agree to the Apple Pay confirmation, I pointed instead to a layout bug that has plagued me for at least three or four years with this Apple Pay confirmation sheet. This annoys me, tremendously, every time I see it. A long enough email address has to break somewhere.

It should fit, which makes it all the more maddening.

Why does MATLAB fail to load my preferred language on macOS Sierra?

Nice work. So I led by example, and also by talking to other people. If I could downgrade to This is about paying for reach. Facebook is allowing political ads to spread falsehoods because Facebook wants political ads to spread falsehoods.

You can really feel the difference between AirPods Pro and other ear-canal-sealing earbuds when you chew something with them on. Totally different experience. But my favorite is Transparency Mode. Nothing changes, just an extra audio layered added. Holy hell.

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AirPods Pro update: brought them to a relatively but not ridiculously noisy cafe, and compared them with my daily driver Bose QC 35 II v4. Thus far, the AirPods Pro are, for me, noticeably better at both noise cancelation and sound isolation. I was not at all expecting this outcome, tbqh. I have the same Bose headphones, and I agree. Apple invited a few dozen media folks to New York today for a briefing and early access to the new AirPods Pro. My initial impression: I like them.

I left for home around in the afternoon, and wore the AirPods Pro for the next three hours: on the subway in Manhattan, waiting briefly, mercifully in the cacophonous Penn Station, on the train ride home to Philadelphia, walking home through Center City Philadelphia, and then in my house. The subway, a train ride, and busy city streets are pretty good tests for noise cancellation.

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Noise cancellation worked really well for me. I own a pair of Bose over-the-ear noise canceling wireless headphones, but almost exclusively wear them only on airplanes and trains. Wearing noise-canceling earbuds on the subway and walking through the city is going to take some getting used to. The difference is like night and day. It really does make it possible to conduct a conversation while still enjoying the benefits of noise cancellation. Transparency lets you hear parts of the world around you. One obvious use case for this: jogging or running and maybe just plain walking on streets where you want to hear the sounds of traffic.

My corner store has a noisy refrigeration unit.