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There are lots of clever things you can do with the Dock, but here we will look specifically at how to add apps to the dock, and how to move them into the best position.

If your Dock keeps vanishing, however, you may prefer to read How to fix a disappearing Dock on Mac. Now the app icon will remain in the Dock even after you have closed the app and you will be able to click on it whenever you want to open that app.


How to get more from Mojave's updated Dock or learn how to replace it entirely

You can have shortcuts to a lot of apps in the Dock on your Mac, which can be very useful. But if you have a lot of icons in the Dock it can make it difficult to find the one you want to open.

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There are a couple of ways to make it easier to find an icon. Here we will look at how to rearrange the icons in your Dock so that you can keep certain types of app together, or perhaps put the ones you use the most in the middle or sides of the Dock.

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You can drop the app's icon just about anywhere within the Dock as long as you stay to the left of the Dock separator , which separates the app section of the Dock the left side of the Dock from the Recently used app section macOS Mojave and later or the document section of the Dock the right side of the Dock with the trash icon. Drag the app icon to its target location in the Dock, and release the mouse button.

Add and Remove Icons from Mac Dock

If you miss the target, you can always move the icon later. The second method of adding an app to the Dock requires that the application is already running.

How to Add Launchpad to the Dock on Mac

Running apps that haven't been manually added to the Dock are temporarily displayed within the Dock while they're in use, and then automatically removed from the Dock when you quit using the app. The Keep in Dock method of adding a running app permanently to the Dock makes use of one of the slightly hidden features of the Dock: Dock Menus.

Add Anything to Mac Dock Instantly with a Keyboard Shortcut

When you use the Keep in Dock method to add an app to the Dock, its icon will be found just to the left of the Dock separator. This is the default location for the icon of a temporarily running app.

Adding and Removing Dock Icons in Mac OS X - dummies

Simply click and hold the app icon you wish to move, and then drag the icon to its target location in the Dock. Dock icons will move out of the way to make room for the new icon.

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  • When the icon is positioned where you want it, drop the icon and release the mouse button. You can use our article on how to remove application icons from your Mac's Dock guide to clean up the Dock and make room for new Dock items. Share Pin Email.

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