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Oct 27, 0. If the download completed, then the was some sort of response that indicated it was all there. That probably means that the original was no good! I would try moving the whole file to a different drive if you have more than one and try googling and downloading UnRarX instead of Stuff it.

Unzip RAR files on Mac with this WinRAR style extractor

Oct 18, 0. If the file is actually corrupt and not just unsupported by Stuffit and is not an incomplete download you might be able to repair it. At www. Download and decompress it. Open the terminal and drag the file named rar from the decompressed folder to the terminal window, then click the terminal window and type "r ", drag the rar file you want to repair onto the terminal window, click the terminal window and hit return.

If the file has a rar recovery record then a repair will be attempted. Thank you very much guys I tried UnrarX and I can extract my legal file partially The other part is damaged, more users can confirm it. Jun 29, 9. Aug 10, 0. Sep 16, 18 0. Jun 23, 53 0. Well, Mr. Brkirch - It's been over 3 years since you posted the above reply, and I luckily found your post.

I use UnRarX to decompress and join. It's very simple and effective, I use it all the time, but it is pretty basic and has no repair function. I looked all over for software to help me fix the error, but there isn't any for Mac OS X, it appeared. Fortunately I found your post. It's currently at version 3. Anyway, I tried the steps you outlined, but it didn't work at first. The only thing missing in your directions is to identify the destination path where you want the fixed file placed. Once I did that, the program scanned the file, found the recovery record, and fixed it.

The archive combined and unstuffed perfectly after that. Thank you, sir, for your expertise and post. I appreciate it! I'm trying to do the same thing.

UnRAR files on your Mac from the Finder

Could you expand on how to identify the destination path within the terminal window? It may be obvious, but I'm not very familiar with using the terminal. Thank you!!!

How To Open Rar Files On Mac - FREE - Update 2018 Tutorial

Sure thing. First, to reiterate, drop the "rar" program file from the "rarosx" folder onto the terminal window. Then make sure there's a space, then type "r" without the quotes. Then make sure there's another space. After that, you will have now identified which files in the archive set or batch are damaged.

Run Terminal.

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How To Open RAR Files On Windows And Mac?

With all the RAR and UNRAR commands, any time files will be generated you need to first change the active directory in Terminal to the location where you want the output files to go. So the first command cd in the following example is for that purpose. TIP: Also remember you can simply drag folders and files from Finder into Terminal and their full path will magically appear in Terminal. It saves having to type long paths and avoids making errors. Go to finder and locate the first damaged file you found in the RAR test you performed in Step 2. Grab the file in Finder and drag it to Terminal.

You should now see the full path of the file appear after the rar r part you typed.

Fix: Not a RAR Archive “No Files to Extract” Repair RAR File

It will look something like this:. Hit enter and watch RAR do its work. You will be prompted to replace the existing damaged files. Either rename them first, or move them, or simply let them be replaced with the repaired versions. You can use one of the many Mac GUI archive tools or you can do it in the command line using the instructions here in this past article.

This is a message to Daniel K. While unzipping a file in Windows and Mac devices is easy as there are in-built tools in both the operating systems, there is no such tool for opening a RAR file. If you have encountered a RAR file and are looking forward to decompressing it and viewing it, here is a detailed guide on how to extract RAR files in Windows and Mac.

You can download and install WinRAR from here. Akin to Windows, there is no option to open a RAR file in Mac without installing a third-party application. It is a free RAR extractor with a simple interface.

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After you have downloaded the software from here and installed it, you need to perform the following steps:.