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Close the Recording Control window. Click OK. Click Start and then click Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, click Switch to Classic view. Click on Sound. In the Sound window, click on the Recording tab.

EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter

Click on Set Default. Click on Properties. In the Properties window, click on the Advanced tab. Select 2 Channel, hz CD quality from the default format list. Click the Levels tab. In the microphone section, turn the level up to Click OK once more. In the Control Panel window, click Hardware and Sound. Set the microphone level to percent. Right-click the Start menu and select Control Panel.

Before You Begin: Getting Audacity

Select Hardware and Sound. Select Manage audio devices in Sound.

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Select the Advanced tab. Select 2 channel , Select OK. Related Articles No sound or low sound is heard on recordings created with my computer from the USB turntable. Recording from a turntable or record player. How to connect a turntable record player to a stereo system. Product Repair Repair information and service assistance. Register a Product Keep track of all your products in one location.

Applicable Models

The fully automatic belt-drive unit comes preassembled — just plug it in and hit start to enjoy the rich sound of your records. The LP60 delivers good bass and full vocals through its built-in preamp; for better sound, you can bypass the preamp and use your own amp. The LP60 lacks the features of more-expensive turntables — it doesn't offer any tracking adjustments, for example — but if your main goals are ease of use and transferring vinyl to digital, it gets the job done. It ships with a copy of Audacity to help you make digital versions of your records.

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  • Its modern, minimalist style looks sharp as the records go 'round. It ships with an Audio Technica AT91 cartridge, which you can upgrade if you want more treble and sharpness.

    Unlike many lower-cost turntables, the RT80 requires a bit of setup, including installing and properly balancing the counterweight. But once you've got it properly aligned, it's simple to use. The large, all-in-one unit resembles a midth century console radio, but with a touch of the 21st century in a display that shows the input and volume level. The Victrola's internal speakers sounded the best of any turntable we tested, though it still wasn't as full as a good pair of stereo speakers.

    The unit includes a USB stick that you can record audio to, whether that be vinyl, cassette or CD — all you need to do is press record.


    Just don't dance too much when listening to a record, as we found that LPs were prone to skip. Key Specs. If your goal is to create digital versions of your LPs, the Ion Archive LP is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get the job done. The resulting files sound good, but not great, lacking the detail of more-expensive units. If you're planning to listen to your vinyl, you should spend more money for a better system. The Archive's built-in speakers produce tinny sound with little bass, and using the RCA stereo output improves sound quality only moderately.

    The unit doesn't come with a dust cover, either. Available in black or walnut, the unit follows the minimalist aesthetic that many higher-end turntables favor these days, and it looks like it costs more than it does. It's not plug-and-play, though, as you need to install the cartridge easy and install and adjust the counterweight more challenging.

    The Teac doesn't ship with recording software, either, but you can download a free copy of Audacity.

    Recording Vinyl To Your Computer

    The aptly named Nomad is best for listening on the go. This retro-style portable turntable comes in a vinyl-wrapped wood cabinet with built-in speakers, a headphone jack and an auxiliary input; it even has a handle for easy carrying. The Nomad ships with Audacity audio-editing software for LP-to-digital conversions. Don't expect to experience the full fidelity of vinyl. The speakers sound tinny and weak; if you use the auxiliary output to listen through your own speakers, the preamp is heavy on bass.

    This turntable's small platter doesn't support the outer edges of inch records, resulting in a lot of wobbling when you're listening to the first few tracks. The Victrola portable Bluetooth turntable proves the point. It skips occasionally, and the built-in speakers are weak and tinny; even through an external speaker, this Victrola produces little bass.

    ION USB Turntables - listening through your computer speakers