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Rich functionality but need more time to actually use it more extensively. Easy interface to figure out on the fly without reading help.

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It's way beyond what I was looking for or expecting in a hasty moment needing to edit a video clip on a new Windows install and no time to reload old apps. I bought a gopro 4 and needed to do a school project for my daughter. The gopro quik is a total disaster. Clearly put together by an idiot. Another free one was equally useless. This software saved the whole thing from being canned. As soon as I get a job again I'll be buying the software as a thank you.

I've looked at and tried other splice, cut, modify programs over the years and I can say without fear of contradiction this is definitely one of the most intuitive, easy to pick up program I have used in this genre. Only took a few minutes to pick up and ended up with a perfectly spliced video.

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Thank You NCH None that I can glean from working with it on a 3 video splice that took only minutes to piece together Lots of transition effects, it looks similar to Movie Maker I'm not sure if it's pros. It frequently crashes.

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In case, the program finally starts to convert my file, it takes soo long to complete the conversion. Read reply 1. Hello, We are sorry to hear you are having these issues. I will pass along your review to our development team to look into it. Every time that I drag a video into it, I get a message that the video does not exist. It have tried numerous videos, but always get this message.

I can only assume that it is not ready for OSX Yosemite. Good for converting video files that won't play on certain programs, such as Windows Media Player. I hate learning curves. I was very happy with Videopad for Windows 7, but that doesn't work on Win 8. Maybe they improved the program, but I can't use it. I've tried their own video training as well as going on Youtube, but I can't figure it out. Old version was easy: you could drag the video onto its field, click the beginning arrow, click the ending arrow, push the down arrow, then go again until finished.

I'm told that isn't the way it's supposed to work, but it did the job for me. Now, you have to be a film editor to make it work. Hey NCH, can't you just release a version that works like the old one, but works on Win 8? We really appreciate your feedback. I will pass on your suggestion about the usability to our Development Team.

Thanks again. Easy upload for audio and video files, excellent effects library for transitions, and easy to use as a beginner. It's simple, easy to use, and though more advanced users will definitely find it too basic, it's just perfect for anyone starting to play around with video compositions.

When you finish your project, simply click the "Create Movie" button on the interface and you'll be able to export it to a variety of formats. VideoPad Video Editor may be quite simple at first sight, but it's a great choice for video editing beginners. VideoPad is a free, professional, video editing application which allows you to create movie projects from various video clips or a single video file. It also allows you to import a wide variety of audio and video file formats including. Waste of hours of my time. The description says that the free version is all I will ever need. But after a few exports it stops working and asks for money.

Was a big waste of 2 hours of my time. It said that the free version was all I would ever need. But after a few exports, it stopped wor king and asked for money. Yes very basic and easy to learn. I am accustom already in using it! Guys try it! Its recommendable!!

First time video editing, easy enough to use to do quick editing for someone who doesn't know Customize the duration of the effect. Complete Video Optimization. Fine tune brightness, saturation and color for your video.

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Add still photos and digital images with a click of a button. Add text captions to individual clips.

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